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Secured and Managed WiFi

Let our experts take the reigns of your property's Wi-Fi needs. From procuring and designing to installing and maintaining, then monitoring and securing, we've got your entire network covered. Rest assured, knowing that our expert team will ensure your employees and guests are optimally connected.



Delivering peace of mind through complete WiFi management and security services.

Managed WiFi Solutions Features

  • Multiple WiFi platforms that will serve every type of budget

  • Analyze Telecom Services at Each Community

  • Source Carrier Options

  • Customized WiFi Naming (broadcast names)

  • Secured WiFi Access for Residents

  • Per-User Speed Management

  • WiFi Broadcast Scheduling

  • Quarterly Usage Report

  • Security and Monitoring

  • Proactive WiFi Outage Monitoring

  • Cabling and Network Designs

  • Inside wiring services are available

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