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Decades of dedication, integrity, and innovation in IT & Telecom.

Our Story

Before transforming into the comprehensive IT solutions company and Managed Service provider it is today, Vimenture's origins are traced back to a specialized focus on telecommunications. In 2004, founder Mark Sharp envisioned an enterprise fusing, technically innovative service with exceptional client relations to revolutionize the traditional customer experience. Its pioneering leader established a reputation built on experience, ingenuity, and integrity from these beginnings.

Based in Colorado and now comprised of experts with over two decades of service, Vimenture exemplifies quality. The company has devised creative strategies and solutions for longstanding challenges while also offering precise and informed diagnoses for emerging issues. Evolving from its telecommunications roots, Vimenture has become a thought leader in providing comprehensive and progressive IT services for the multi-unit property management industry. This includes infrastructure support, telecom management, and hardware upgrades, benefiting real estate companies and enterprises across the United States.

Property managers have entrusted us with diverse projects, and we consistently deliver. From enhancing bandwidth and hardware to deploying WiFi hotspots and executing VoIP migrations, Vimenture ensures efficient and effective outcomes. Our team is committed to upholding this dynamic standard of excellence. Recognizing the rapid pace of change, we are prepared to adapt and guarantee quality services despite challenging conditions.

In the decades of working together, delivering beyond expectations has become second nature for the Vimenture team. Anticipating questions, providing solutions before problems arise, and exhibiting unwavering dedication to clients' businesses are integral to our approach. Detecting issues has become instinctive for our skilled technicians and professionals. We offer this mastery and collaborative spirit to enhance your environment and systems, minimizing your workload. Our experts engage proactively at every step, sharing your urgency and valuing your business.

Consider Vimenture an extension of your company. Trust that throughout the project, you'll gain a reliable advisor and strategic partner in us.


Why we are different.

White Glove Approach - 
Excellence isn't just a goal; it's a consistent practice. At Vimenture, excellence is the foundation upon which we build our services.  With decades of experience, we've ingrained the habit of delivering our best to help you excel in your endeavors. By optimizing your operations and efficiency, we transform into valuable assets for your success, solidifying our role as your strategic partner.


Tenured Experience-
Vimenture's seasoned experts, honed through years of service, possess a unique foresight. This enables us to offer comprehensive solutions that address current issues and proactively prevent future challenges. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you're informed every step of the way. Our capable team acts as your dedicated support system, implementing day-to-day tasks and taking accountability for managing and operating your IT and telecom services.

One of the Team-
Real challenges demand real people. We take pride in establishing meaningful relationships with our clients across all levels. We aim to earn your long-term trust by seamlessly integrating into your property management team. This camaraderie ensures that our dedication to service is unwavering. Consider us an extension of your team, working hand in hand to foster a healthy partnership, and assure you of our steadfast commitment.



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