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Transforming Your Telecom and  IT Experience...

Operating a multifamily or senior living property can be a challenging task. That's why our team of experts is here to help you manage your telecom and network needs. With decades of experience, we can handle everything from managing telecom expenses to setting up wireless networks and voice and data infrastructure. Let us take the reins and simplify the process for you.


Your single source for managing Telecom, IT, and Infrastructure.

Telecom Management


  • Audit and Optimize all of your telecom billing & services

  • Project Management on Carrier Orders

  • Responsible for Maintaining Telecom Inventory Invoice

  • Dispute Management

  • Online Inventory Management

Infrastructure Management


  • Inside wiring and networking hardware

  • VoIP Conversion

  • Integration with Property Systems

  • LAN Hardware Support

  • Networked Equipment Management

  • Pre-sales, Inventory, and VoIP Site Surveys

Telecom Expense Management


  • (Sakon) - expense platform ensures everything is paid accurately and timely

  • Audit and Optimize all telecom billing and services

  • Project Management all Telecom Orders

  • Online Inventory Management

  • Billing Dispute Resolution

Telecom  Support 


  • Telecom Support Desk

  • Phone Lines and Bandwidth Repair

  • VoIP Repair

  • Emergency After-Hours  Support

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