Telecom Expense Management

Voice, data and mobility costs can form a substantial portion of a portfolio’s expenses, telecom is expensive. Many of our clients spend millions each year on their telecom budgets. It is possible to decrease your telecom expenditure while improving the quality of your services. To make it happen, we combine telecom financial analysis, inventory management, and acquisition and disposition services.

We know you are acutely aware of how much you are paying for telecom services. The more assets you manage, the more likely it is that you have several different providers to battle. Vimenture will help you sort out and simplify the multi-vendor, multi-service, and the multitudes of telecom invoices that you receive. Once we catalog the services in our online tool, we’re able to perform regular audits and provide cost savings options. We analyze every property and create financial reports to compare services and estimate the net savings for your whole portfolio.

When billing issues are discovered, our team of TEM experts will open a dispute ticket with the carriers and work with them to process the credits. We also create Stewardship reports to show order status, billing summaries and monthly cost comparisons so you understand why your telecom costs vary.

Ask us about our free telecom analysis and how we can begin a pilot for you.