IT Projects


The success of every IT project is an exercise in the balance of three primary factors: time, cost, and scope.  Our team of engineers is accustomed to delivering solutions to large property portfolios located throughout the United States.  Our participation with hundreds of projects with multiple clients gives us a unique perspective into community best practices.  These optics allow us to counsel you from a basis of past successes  and most importantly, past failures.

Are your tenants demanding better amenities? Do they want Wi-Fi while on the pool deck or in the fitness center and clubhouse? Not a problem.  Is security a concern? We can handle video surveillance (CCTV), even the latest biometric access hardware.  Another very popular feature is the advent of enhanced fitness machines with the capability for streaming TV and internet access.  We can help!

Relocating can be an incredibly daunting process and our team will oversee, starting with the planning and design.  We bridge the gap between maintaining the old infrastructure and implementing the new technology.  Vimenture will provide additional assistance with setting up a temporary location to prevent any lapse in productivity. We work with your construction teams so your first day of service is a celebration with everything performing impeccably as you expect.

Vimenture is prepared to meet a broad spectrum of IT challenges beyond the basic setup of your network. High value resources mandate high value technical expertise, and Vimenture makes certain that each step is handled safely, securely, and properly to minimize the effect on your leasing operations.