Telecom Support

The most fundamental need for your business is the ability to communicate effectively. Your telephone is your lifeline! Vimenture understands the importance of reliable communications in today’s marketplace. Items such as auto attendants, after-hours call management, disaster recovery, emergency lines, door entry systems, cordless accessories, and line support are all within the scope of expertise of our seasoned network engineers.

Our clients are rapidly moving from analog lines to VOIP because they receive a new phone system and experience a substantial monthly cost savings without sacrificing quality. Many of our clients have made the change to VOIP and all have been delighted with the results. As your strategic partner, we will oversee the entire transition. For every implementation, we provide a free site survey and a two-part installation to make sure every unique factor is considered. Excellent service delivery is a key factor that distinguishes us from other providers.

Our project management team utilize advanced online systems to carefully catalog every bit of information related to your telecom and broadband systems. Having the telecom inventory itemized helps us quickly respond to service disruptions and for managing billing disputes.

At Vimenture, we keep our commitments. In addition, we guarantee a quick and accurate response to any issue that may arise. Our focus is on precise preparation, execution, and maintenance to protect and enhance your business.